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Asian Dan Q&A: Gypsy & The Cat

I’ve been a fan of this Australian duo, Gypsy & The Cat since they hit the blogosphere about a year ago. A perfect blend of that Oceanian musical sensibility that takes in elements of 60s carefree pop, 70s FM radio pop, 80s synth pop and everything else that is catchy in between. I hear a lot of Fleetwood Mac in their music, as I do in a lot of Australian bands (Empire of the Sun, Van She) but there is also a touch of 90s pop. Overall a carefree pop sound that is perfect for the upcoming summer sunshine. Lionel and Xavier took some time to answer a few questions to get you all acquainted with their sound – a brief peak into their musical minds. Also checkout a playlist the two of them compiled of some of their favorite tunes.

Gypsy & The Cat – Jona Vark

Gypsy & The Cat – ‘Til Tomorrow

Asian Dan Q&A: Gypsy & The Cat:

1. Who is Gypsy & The Cat? How would you describe your music?

Xavier: Gypsy is indiscriminate, whatever anyone feels, its not for us to decide. Sonically I’d like to think that the music yields a title of melodic electronic soft rock, but once you inhale the breath of the album, things change. Who knows maybe hardcore? I’ll let you decide!

Lionel: Gypsy & The Cat is basically 2 friends who just want to make good music and share it with the world!!! it’s a blend of different genres and influences but ultimately lies within a rock/ folk electronic landscape.

2. What are your influences, musical or otherwise?

Xavier: Jeff Buckley is a standout influence, even though its so hard to pinpoint because we are just so amazed by many artists, Jeff tells great honest stories in such a musical way. Every chord, lyric, vocal melody just fits like a jigsaw: a picture is born.

Lionel: Musical: Bach, if it wasn’t for Bach, music wouldn’t be where it is today!! Michael Jackson (the king of pop), Led Zeppelin (the kings of rock), Coldplay (a band who makes me feel the most, and whose music i connect with on so many levels), Justice (the magicians of production), ABBA (little can compare to genius of their songwriting and amazing wall of sound), non-musical: Bruce Lee, Stanley Kubrick (both influences i’ve grown up with)

3. What was your first musical memory?

Xavier: Probably birth!
Lionel: Crying on the way to my first piano lesson. I was 7
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