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Squarepusher : Drax 2

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Squarepusher : Dark Steering

Mr. Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher returns to his electronic roots with his latest tune “Dark Steering” off his upcoming album “Ufabulum”. Check out his LED filled visual experience that accompanies is new live performance. This is definitely some old school Squarepusher.

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Squarepusher announces new album “Ufabulum”

“I’ve started thinking about pure electronic music again. Something very melodic, very aggressive” – Squarepusher

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The Creators Project : Squarepusher

The enigma that is Squarepusher gives us a peak into why he does what he does with the tools that he has at his fingertips. It is a pretty absurd and amazing look into the mind of a mad genius.

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Squarepusher presents Shobaleader One: d’Demonstrator

UMM WHAT?! This is an official mind explosion. Squarepusher steps up his game by incorporating a serious LED-Helmet a la Daft Punk and from the looks and sound of that 1 min clip it is an epic dance funk explosion. Warp Records is seriously back in the game with that forthcoming Brian Eno release and this new Squarepusher LP which solidifies his place in my mind as a crucial electronic music producer of our time. “Shobaleader One: d’Demonstrator” is out October 18/19. Exciting music this fall!

Check out for more info on the release.
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Squarepusher x Mr. Oizo : Cryptic Motion Remix Teaser

This is a release massive release I am looking forward to on Ed Banger Records out at the end of the month, August 31. The single “Cryptic Motion” is a return to funk for Mr. Squarepusher – sort of his take on a Dam Funk’s boogie sound. Here is a teaser of the B-Side to the release, a remix by the one and only Mr. Oizo. The weirdo motherfunk ship has landed courtesy of Ed Banger Records.

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Squarepusher x Ed Banger Records : Shobaleader One

WHAT?! Total mind explosion as Mr. Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher, one of my top 3 bassists of all time is about to release a new project through Ed Banger Records. A big and legitimate step for Ed Banger as they continue their quest to prove they are more than side-chained compression and square waves. Shobaleader One is out at the end of August and will also a feature a remix by Mr. Oizo (?!). I am quite excited for this new found collaboration.

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Squarepusher – Numbers Lucent EP – Free Download

Download a new Squarepusher MP3 – “Illegal Dustbin” from “Numbers Lucent” EP
Out 1.19.2009 on Warp Records
Squarepusher Myspace

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Squarepusher – Just A Souvenir – Download and Stream Now!

Wow. That is all I got to say. There are quite a few pop moments on this album. The first track totally reminds me of the Andre 3000 produced John Legend’s track “Green Light”. Andre 3000 is very public about his love for Squarepusher. Once again good job Mr. Jenkinson. For some reason I feel like the next Daft Punk album will be moving in this direction. The Daft duo are also big fans of Squarepusher, they put “Do You Know Squarepusher?” on a playlist they curated last year.

PS. I totally forgot that Asian Dan is 1 years old. It’s birthday was 3 days ago on the 14th, I just have been busy with school I totally forgot. Thank You all for reading and supporting Asian Dan. I cannot believe how far this blog has come in a year. I have met and made so many friends on the interwebs as well in the real world 🙂 Thank You to all the artists that have made mixes for Asian Dan like NT89, Luca C, Jean Nipon, Luck On Strike, Neon Coyote and Astrolabe. Let’s all support these artists! Thanks for all the artists that have done interviews as well!! Cheers! Some big changes are finally coming soon!! So stay tuned! Once again Thank You all!!!! 🙂

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Squarepusher "Just a Souvenir" Out 10.27.2008 – Listen to New Track: Squarepusher – Delta V

Finally some new Squarepusher!! New album “Just a Souvenir” out 10.27.2008!! Delta V is the first preview of the album and it reminds me of Lightning Bolt and Hella meets King Crimson circa the Red power trio era. I wonder if this new Spazztastic Prog Rock sound is Mr. Jenkinson’s new direction. I am quite excited.

Stream: Squarepusher – Delta V – Warp Records Myspace

Tracklisting for ‘Just A Souvenir’:
‘Star Time 2’
‘The Coathanger’
‘Open Society’
‘A Real Woman’
‘Delta -v’
‘Potential Govaner’
‘Planet Gear’
‘Tensor In Green’
‘The Glass Road’
‘Duotone Moonbeam’
‘Yes – Sequitur’

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