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Shook : I Will Be There

A light breeze to fill your sails with memories of classic Yellow Magic Orchestra, echoes of Air and that oh so delicate French Touch.

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Penguin Prison x Shook

Shook adds his disco touch to Penguin Prison’s polished pop sound – turning “The Worse It Gets” into a dancefloor friendly tune. For all y’all in NYC this weekend come to Brooklyn Bowl to check out Penguin Prison live as well as a DJ Set from him and a DJ set from Van She Tech.

Penguin Prison – The Worse It Gets (Shook Remix)

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Asian Dan Q&A: Shook

Shook is a Dutch producer/DJ that crafts a more musical sounding sound in the electronic/banger world. He follows suit in other electronic acts such as Kavinsky, Danger and Daft Punk by creating an alternate universe with an animated self that produces a mystique and allure, allowing his music to speak for itself. I was most impressed by his piano skills – check out the video below that won me over with his fantastic Rhodes solo. Siriusmo is a fan of his work and Shook has just finished up a remix of Emil & Friends’ “Josephine” which is waiting to be approved – so let us see what Shook has in store for us.

Shook – Rise And Fall

Shook – Something About You

1. Who is Shook? How would you describe your music?

Shook is a musical and visual outlet to escape from the world we live in today. It all began in my childhood really, when I found the glasses and I first came eye to eye with Beast. Since then nothing was like it was before. I would describe my music as electronic story telling funk.

2. What was your first musical memory?

My first musical memory is probably the constant Jazz piano playing by my father.

3. Who are your influences musical or otherwise?

I grew up listening to music ranging from Micheal Jackson and Prince to George Gerswin and Claude Debussy. Recently I have been listening to a lot of old jazz records and early 70’s funk. But, it doesn’t necessarily need to be music. It can be anything really. Like the sound of a microwave or the sounds of a skateboard. I can be influenced by art and animation too.
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