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Mr. Oizo & Boys Noize team up for their third installment of their HANDRAEKES project. A perfect collision of their mad worlds.

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Music Video : Mr. Oizo “All Wet”

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Music Video : Metronomy “Night Owl” (Directed by Mr. Oizo)

Oizo plunges Metronomy into his super surreal and morbidly hilarious universe.

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A return to Bloghaus…

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Music Video : Mr. Oizo “Hand In The Fire (feat. Charli XCX)

TIL Flat Eric was created by the Jim Henson Company

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Mr. Oizo : Hand In the Fire EP

Bloghaus rises like a phoenix from the ashes with Mr. Oizo on it’s back flying straight into mainstream radio land. A solid and absurd EP from Oizo. I would not expect anything less of him.

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Chromeo : Over Your Shoulder (Mr. Oizo Remix)

The grand godfather and genius that is Mr. Oizo lays his hands all over Chromeo’s “Over Your Shoulder”.

Step into Oizo’s sexy and twisted mind…

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Mr. Oizo & Tahiti Boy “Ronnie” (Wrong O.S.T.)

Mr. Oizo teams up with Tahiti Boy for the soundtrack for his latest film, Wrong. Ennio Morricone, Vangelis, John Carpenter, Hans Zimmer, Nino Rota, and John Williams all better watch their back cause there are some new boys in town.

Also today is Tahiti Boy’s Birthday – so everyone greet him Happy Birthday!
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Mr. Oizo : “Stade 3” Teaser

Download “Stade3” for free at

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Mr. Oizo : France7

Oizo returns with “France7” a track from his upcoming album, “Stade 2”. It is the usual yet so awesome Mr. Oizo that we all know and love. Imagine a synth that is farting and dying at the same time that producing this mutated funky acid that is slowly inchworming its way onto the dancefloor. It’s fucking weird but way too fucking cool.

MR OIZO / FRANCE7 by oizo mr 3000

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