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Kindness : SEOD

The mysterious Kindness from the UK has release yet another slithery disco tune entitled “SEOD”. This tune will be out in January as a White Label release before Kindness unleashes his full length album next year which was co-produced by Philippe Zdar. “SEOD” is a slinky dark disco tune that is part space journey and part trip into your third eye via some sexy lead guitar and bellowing sax. Will Kindness be the Arthur Russell of 2012? I hope so.

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Kindness : Cyan

Kindness is Adam Bainbridge from the UK who has teamed up with the one and only Philippe Zdar on his latest track “Cyan” off his forthcoming album, out next year. It is a slinky disco track in the vain of the disco punk sounds of NYC that ruled the early aughts. I am very curious to what this full length album shall sound like.

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