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Asian Dan Top of 2009 Guest List: SAM

You are probably wondering who is this “Sam” – and why does he get to put together a list for Asian Dan. He just looks like some skinny French hipster that enjoys bangers way too much. But this is Sam, the Sam, Asian Dan intern Sam. He is more than just an intern but my eyes and ears overseas finding me fresh new music everyday. You can even think of him as the French Asian Dan, I now bestow him Asian Sam.

He had a hardtime narrowing down his favorite music of 2009 which why his list is quite robust. But I know that we both are in love with Emil & Friends’ “Josephine” and we constantly listened to it over the summer. We are both looking forward to what Emil & Friends has in store for Twenty-Ten now that he and co have signed to Cantora Records. Also check out his fav mixes especially that Breakbot “Dance on Glass Disco Mix” and the Grum Annie Mac 5 Min Minimix.

Top of 2009

Album (10):
Florence and The Machine «Lungs»
Toro Y Moi «My Touch»
The Gossip «Music For Men»
Phoenix «Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix»
Washed Out «High Times»
Letting Up Despite Great Faults «LUDGF»
The XX «XX»
La Roux «La Roux»
Passion Pit «Manners»
SomethingALaMode «SALM»

Top 15 Songs of 2009:

Emil & Friends – Josephine
Paul – Shine Sweet Freedom
Phoenix – Lisztomania
Bullion – Get Familiar
Ellie Goulding – Fighter Plan
Fake Blood – The Dozens
Siriusmo – Gummiband
Organ Morgan – Cocaine Afternoon
Fenech Soler – Lies
Two Door Cinema Club – Costume Party
Phonat – Set Me Free (Short Version)
Memory Tapes – Bicycle
80 Kidz – Miss Mars
Dusty Kid – Nemur (Wall of Guitars)
Cassius – Youth Speed Trouble Cigarettes

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Emil & Friends – Downed Economy/Josephine 7″

“I could never figure out how she could slow things down, just a touch…”

“Josephine” is my summer tune of 2009 – a perfect mix of 70s pop perfection a la Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, Hall & Oates with an undeniable feel good sunny, wind in your hair, easy-breezy vibe. And that guitar solo at the end reminds me of Steely Dan’s “Reelin in the Years”, epic harmonized guitars. Yes, please. Big things coming for Mr. Emil – so all y’all be on he look out.

Emil & Friends – Josephine

Cheers, Transparent.

Order the 7″ here

PS. I love the artwork.

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Emil & Friends x Phoenix x Michael Jackson: Girlfriend on Girlfriend

Emil finally found some friends, Phoenix the band of Summer ’09 and the late, great Michael Jackson. This is a cover/remix/re-vision/mash-up by the Todd Rundgren of the Blogosphere that proves what an immense talent he is. Emil turns these tunes into a New Edition sounding feel good track for the summer. Love the guitar solo towards the end. I visited this digital garage rocker’s studio last week and heard some new tunes and all I can say is I am excited for everyone for an Emil & Friends album 🙂

Emil & Friends – Girlfriend on Girlfriend (Phoenix x Michael Jackson)

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Emil Hirsch & The Psychadelic Purse

Name change to sneak avoid another Hypemachine Scandal? Emil & Friends returns with an amazing funky feel good summer tune. I love that guitar part and hook. Everyone you have to guess what the lyrics are about. Hint: Amazing 90s movie.

Emil Hirsch & The Psychadelic Purse – Up to Speed

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Emil & Friends: Downed Economy 7″ Vinyl

Emil & Friends: Downed Economy 7″ Vinyl comes out 7.27.2009, pre -order it here. Also check out a preview of a new track “Josephine”. I can’t wait for new stuff from Emil & Co.

Emil & Friends – Downed Economy (Dan Oh Remix)

Emil & Friends – Downed Economy (Beaumont Remix)

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Asian Dan Presents Emil & Friends “Astronaut Ice Cream Mixtape” + Interview

Emil & Friends crafted a mixtape that gives listeners a peak into his creative mind. Everything from 60s pop to 70s smooth pop and Prog rock to John Frusciante, MGMT & The Smashing Pumpkins. Sit back and enjoy this hour and 30 min musical lesson brought to you by Professor Emil.

Asian Dan Presents Emil & Friends “Astronaut Ice Cream Mixtape”
Tracklist at the end of the interview.

Here is a new track by Emil & Friends that is an introspective and folky feel good tune. The guitar work at the end reminds me of John Frusciante.
“Fame and fortune don’t mean shit to me. 0o0o0 baby now…”
Emil & Friends – The Shrine

Asian Dan Interview: Emil & Friends

1.  Who is Emil & Friends?  How would you describe your music?

Emil & friends has been called everything from a band to a boyfriend/girlfriend duo to one guy with multiple personalities. At this point, and most likely until a tour, there will just be me doing what needs to be done. So I guess its more the multiple personalities… More specifically, I play the instruments, write, sing, record, produce, mix, design strange graphics and animations (All these done usually while wearing a costume of some sort). When I decided to release something I picked the Emil & Friends label because it sounded average, showed I wasn’t taking myself too seriously, and that I wanted to collaborate and start a band in the future, should it happen that way. I figured as long as I made the music good enough it would stay afloat. It could always change to a reference from some cult movie. That seems standard these days.

A description of the music? Its kind of like buffet style servings that vacillate between nylon/electro dream fountain pop and driven crunchy disco dirt while stopping to sample flavors of soul, punk, trip hop and whatever else slips by undetected.

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Passion Pit x Emil & Friends

Here is some Boston on Cambridge remix/revision/reworking action. Emil & Friends provide their take on Passion Pit’s Blogosphere banger, “Sleepyhead”. I like this a lot more than the PP version. Time to watch this track climb the Hypemachine ranks. Emil & Friend’s version of “Electric Feel” is already at 22!
Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Emil & Friends Reworking)

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Emil & Friends

So I got this email from Emil & Friends back in November but never checked out the tracks attached. Waves At Night and Hyperbole both posted tracks by Emil & Friends recently. I am quite impressed and am going to jump on the bandwagon. They have a MGMT vibe hence the “Electric Feel” Cover/Remix meets blogosphere’s favorites, Passion Pit, but better. I checked out their EP, Downed Economy and am really loving it. Check out the title track “Downed Economy” which has this slick electro vibe. Other tracks on the EP remind me of old John Frusciante. I’m gonna be watching out for these guys this year 🙂

Emil & Friends – Electric Feel (MGMT Cover)

Emil & Friends – Downed Economy

Here is the email I received from Emil & Friends back in November. Ha:
Hey Guys,
Just wanted to tip you all off on the hot new project of international film star Emile Hirsch. You can check out his myspace at

In case you are not privy to the superstardom that is Emile Hirsch here’s a brief bio. As a kid he attended the The Hamilton Academy of Music and The Performing Arts in Los Angeles. Now he is often seen singing karaoke alongside Lindsay Lohan, Bo Barrett, Michelle Rodriguez, Kellan Rhude and Nicole Richie at Beverly Hills hot spot “Guys”.

The Man Himself,
Emile Hirsch.

PS. Considerer yourself honored to have received a personal email from a star of my caliber.

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