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Battles : FF Bada

A futuristic Fela Kuti vibe from the Battles bros.

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Battles : The Art of Repetition

A behind the scenes look into the merging of man and machine on the upcoming third LP by Battles.

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Battles x Hudson Mohawke

Battles enlists the one and only Hudson Mohawke to remix “Rolls Bayce”. Hudmo steps into sample mode and chops up bttls into a funky trap/reggaeton inspired beat. Do-beh-do-pah, Do-beh-do-pah, Do-beh-do-pah, beep-boop-beep-bah. Do-beh-do-pah, Do-beh-do-pah, Do-beh-do-pah, Do-beh-do-pah.

Also checkout Scion A/V’s introduction to Lunice & Hudmo’s collab, TGNHT.

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La Blogotheque | A Take Away Show Presents : Battles “Wall Street”

I had the pleasure of catching Battles live a few weeks ago here in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge – a very intimate show that was NYC first introduction to their newly trio-ed band. They are a band that always sought to prove that man and machine can co-exist to create some intricate yet visceral music, this time it is was more man vs. machine. Ian Williams was no longer looping his own guitar lines as much but instead triggering them via a new Ableton rig that they incorporated into the live setup. Overall the energy of Battles live has been amplified as you can tell how much more each member has on their plates as they perform their musical acrobatics onstage.

The one and only La Blogoteque had a rare opportunity to capture Battles’ live energy in an unlikely setting – Paris’ City Hall, Hotel de Ville. Quite a juxtaposition of sites and sounds as Battles are architects of such futuristic music.

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Music Video: Battles “Ice Cream”

Wut. I now really like this tune after watching this video. I get it now…

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Warp20 (New York)

Warp20 keeps getting better and better – Jamie Lidell has been added as the surprise guest at Le Poisson Rouge and free performances by Hudson Mohawke and Clark. I cannot wait! 🙂

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Pivot is Warp Records new epic addition to their amazing roster. They sound like and epic battle between Tangerine Dream, Russian Circles, Mogwai and Battles. Epic.

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New Music: Phoenix – Twenty-One One Zero

Phoenix – Twenty-One One Zero

Epic. Reminds me of Sebastien Tellier meets M83 and Battles. Thoughts?
Phoenix Myspace

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Battles x Rachel Ray…?

“DJ Deelish”

“We are also reaching out to offer Battles a slot as one of the five bands in the ‘Feedback’ showcase (SXSW 2008)” supposedly hosted by the Food Network’s own Rachael Ray. “Battles music has long been enjoyed by Rachel and is a staple of her iPod.”

Rachel Ray wants Battles to play the Food Network SXSW Showcase (via Idolator)

Courtesy of Earl Boykins

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BTTLS: Pop Fractal Rock

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Paper Thin Walls: Exclusive track by track interview with Battles
United Visual Artists

Time Magazine’s Top 10 Albums of the Year

Striped V-Neck wearing indie kid: “Wow Time Magazine when did you get so indie?!”

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