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Music Video : Fort Lean “High Definition”

Fort Lean are one of the very few bands that are amazing songwriters, musicians, performers and all around good people. We, Emil & Friends had the pleasure of sharing a bill with them a few weeks ago and I must say they put on quite a rock show. I hope to play with them in the near future. Till then I suggest to you all to try to catch them live sometime during CMJ. Here is a music video directed by a “Friend” that lays down the beats for Emil who is coincidently a fantastic director, Alex Russek. Enjoy!

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Chairlift : Peculiar Paradise

Chairlift’s latest tunes have been throughly impressing me. First with the slinky pop vibe of the absurdly titled “Amanaemonesia” and Caroline Polachek’s talent to turn that word into a hook while dancing around in a spandex onesie. Now with the track “Peculiar Paradise” the Chairlift duo is venturing into some serious late 80s/early 90s territory. I love the synth sounds and how the big chorus just comes in after the very slinky verse.

Download: Chairlift – Peculiar Paradise @

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Kindness : Cyan

Kindness is Adam Bainbridge from the UK who has teamed up with the one and only Philippe Zdar on his latest track “Cyan” off his forthcoming album, out next year. It is a slinky disco track in the vain of the disco punk sounds of NYC that ruled the early aughts. I am very curious to what this full length album shall sound like.

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