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Emil & Friends : Prescriptions

When I first gave Emil & Friends’ debut album, “Lo & Behold” a first listen I was struck by the vast sounds and genres that Emil touches upon, while still adding his unique touch that makes him “Emil”. “Prescriptions” was a song that at first listen hit me by how epic yet very personal it sound and felt. The lyrics especially captured me the most by how honest and truthful they are.

I will let Emil’s description of the song speak for itself, Prescriptions will “pull the listener into a sleeping bag on the shingled roof of their best friend’s house, or place them wandering midsummer through a field so familiar that they are guided through the dark by memory instead of moonlight.”

“Lo & Behold” will be available to the world on October 11, 2011 thanks to Cantora Records. So be ready for this 11 song musical journey. Till then feel free to listen and download this cinematic and nostalgia driven song for free via

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  1. Martim

    Listen to this song. Then listen to Neon Indian the song “Psychic Chasms”. Hmmm…I’m just sayin!! Nothing wrong it…it’s cool 🙂
    It’s just, it seems no one seems to refer it in any blog that I have seen…

  2. Z

    Woah, Martim, you are right! Maybe Emil was subconsciously channeling Neon Indian …

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