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Acid Washed x Danger

Danger returns with a subdued/less-electro banger and more cinematic remix of Acid Washed. Still the same old Danger but where is the excitement and energy that we all love from “11h30” which is such a classic and important track to the electro canon, Banger 4 lyfe.

Acid Washed – Acid Washed (Danger Remix)

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  1. Bear

    file not found.

  2. brov

    This song is beautiful…bangers are dead dude, except among the annoying electro fanboys. The same old distorted synth getting rehashed a billion times in bloghouse music was getting quite annoying actually. It’s all about the nu disco movement now

  3. Asian Dan

    @Brov Oh yea because I have been posting 2ManyBangers on the blog lately….

  4. SiCK BNGR !

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