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Kavsrave – Deluded

Kavsrave should be selling is beats to huge R’n’B/Pop Stars. Yet another one of his productions “Deluded” is screaming for Justin Timberlake-esque vocals. The huge stabbing synths and growling bassline will fulfill any of your Timbaland cravings. “Delude” is yet another fantastic production by Kavsrave who has already impressed me with his last release, his “Quotes EP” out on Numbers Records. Big choons.

Kavsrave – Deluded

Via Tighten Up Records

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  1. Jay

    Compared to many big names in the UK right now like Joy O and Ramadanman, this isn’t BRILLIANT. the chords are basic, and so is the drum beat, and the bass. It sounds just…..simple. A commercial track. Props to him for making a head knodding beat. But justin wouldn’t buy this.

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