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Squarepusher x Ed Banger Records : Shobaleader One

WHAT?! Total mind explosion as Mr. Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher, one of my top 3 bassists of all time is about to release a new project through Ed Banger Records. A big and legitimate step for Ed Banger as they continue their quest to prove they are more than side-chained compression and square waves. Shobaleader One is out at the end of August and will also a feature a remix by Mr. Oizo (?!). I am quite excited for this new found collaboration.

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  1. jamie

    This is crazy! A warp artist on ed banger?

  2. very cool

  3. hmm..

    Mr. Oizo has been on Ed Banger since allmost the beginning. However, I don’t know if was is just a mistake, but my mediaplayer has allways written Squarepusher as the performing artist on ‘Square Surf’ on the album ‘Half a Moustache’ by Mr. Oizo..Dunno if this is true or not. Interesting news, though…I’m having a real hard time imagining what this collab is going to sound like…woah!

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