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MGMT x Air

Air steps in to clean up and fix up the MGMT single “It’s Working” a tune off of their album “Congratulations” which definitely fell short for me. Air transforms the tune into a pulsating, Kraut-Pop tune especially the outro of the song with its galloping bassline and twinkling piano. Suicide would be proud as well.

Download: MGMT – It’s Working (Air Remix)

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  1. FRESHHHH track ! !

    I agree with you “Congratulations” was a disappointment.. I knew it would be hard to top or even come close to the epicness of “Oracular Spectacular”.

  2. david

    mgmt definitely went toward region rock full blast this album.

  3. sam

    This song is shit, completely butchered the original.

  4. iFan

    Gar. Bage.

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