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Connan Mockasin – It’s Choade My Dear

Connan Mockasin is Phantasy latest little muse/release, a freak-a-delic weirdo from New Zealand. I consider his album “Please Turn Me Into Snat” what the latest MGMT album should’ve been, instead of that mediocre watered down hippie jargon. And with acts like Connan and Tame Impala making quality psychedelic music I dunno why anyone would give the new MGMT a second listen. Connan Mockasin’s album is a fantastic way to spend to spend 36 minutes of your life so pick up the album here at Rough Trade.

Connan Mockasin – It’s Choade My Dear

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  1. Julian

    This is cool. You should really watch the MGMT letterman live show though, they own those new songs.

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