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Pink Stallone x Joey Washington x Eddie Mars x Vietcong Disco

Via Jules

Pink Stallone the disco revivalist from the NY Tri-State area have teamed up with Eddie Mar of Vietcong Disco. A collaboration that was facilitated by the blog – Eddie told me that he discovered Pink Stallone on Asian Dan and then contacted them and began working tunes together. You heard it first, blog magic happening IRL! This is the first product of this collab featuring 90s House vocalist Joey Washington. This is some funky, stuff that doesn’t come off as a novelty thing. Looking forward to what else comes from this collaboration.

Pink Stallone – Phase One [Dub Demo]

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  1. I’m pretty sure we met at a party, in real life.

    Much love. Pstallone

  2. Asian Dan

    Teddy told me otherwise when I met him IRL with Emil & Friends 🙂 It was like bloggin on da street.

  3. Mars

    I was intoxicated, I pobably did say something inaccurate as usual. Truth is I heard about em here first, and met em at one of our parties when adam slipped us a seductive note while we were spinning. Blog x IRLx seductive note = history either way…


    I’m glad we got to the bottom of this.

    the Note-Writing Seducer


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