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Hazy, dreamy, melancholic, the sound of a lost night, a fleeting feeling – the feelings we once felt and knew. Exactly the refreshing electronic music I have been search of for the past few months.

Koreless is an 18 year old producer from Glasgow, home of such new and refreshing acts as Hudson Mohawke and Rustie. Koreless channels a very simple, hypnotic and effective production style that reminds me of Floating Points and Four Tet with more of a 2-step dancefloor friendly vibe. Introspective bass music is what I need and Koreless is giving it to me. “Up Down Up Down” with its twinkling synth line and hypnotic drum patterns and “Maria” with a heavily manipulated female vocal part and simple piano chords all provide for a very transcendental/chilled out musical journey.

Download an amazing exclusive mix by Koreless for Gingy’s radio show up in Toronto, Basics

Up Down Up Down by Koreless

Koreless – Maria(320 kbps)

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  1. Scott P

    Koreless is the shizz!! amazing tunes! he’s the future

  2. Adam

    Whiz kid! It really is blissful when you hear these tunes for the first time

  3. Euan

    Great new stuff. Loved his mix for Gingy too

  4. Naked Me!!

    I love these tunes!!!!! basics mix was very good, mmmmmmmmm…..nom

  5. Been a fan of Koreless since his name was Nadsat Beats. The man is supa bad and is producing dope things, he’s one which star is set to SHINE in the future!!! BIGUP BRUV!!!

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