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Kavinsky “Nightcall” EP + Limited Edition Picture Disc Contest

Kavinsky strikes back this March with his Nightcall EP with quite a star-studded electro cast. His Zombie-self with production duties held by the one and only Guy-Man Homem-Christo and mixing duties by SebastiAn. Also featuring vox from CSS’ Lovefoxxx. Then throw in a mysterious Asian remixer, Dustin Nguyen, the famed actor from 21 Jump Street as well as a 9 min epic remix from the one and only Jackson of Jackson & His Computer Band as well as a smooth night burner of a remix by Breakbot and then BAM – an epic comeback for one of the French Electro royalty. Nothing too banger or absurd – just quality electronic music made by a few Frenchies. Check out the track “Pacific Coast Highway” on Soundcloud.

Limited Edition Picture Disc Contest
Win a copy of the limited 500 pressing Picture Disc of Kavinsky “Nightcall EP” or Pre-order it here. Winner will be picked Friday 3.12.2010!

Contest over!
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  1. sick 0’clock

  2. cam

    I don’t want to sounds like a dick, but if you have someone else doing the production and someone else doing the singing, and someone doing the mixing…..what is left for the artist?

  3. Response to Cam:

    Arranging and composing maybe- production doesn’t necessarily mean doing everything. Maybe Kavinsky wants someone who he knows has an ear for a certain fat sound, or basically is giving the person credit for having developed a thick, multi-layered synth sound.

    I don’t quite get term “produce” as it someones seems to be the gloss , fine tuning and veneer an audio engineer applies to an artists “demo” or rough draft.

    Make sense….maybe?

  4. cam

    That does make some sense…. perhaps Guy-Man is there to say, yes, great sound how about you add ‘x’ on top of it. Either way, he knows how to pick people to market a good album

  5. GUY MAN

    It’s great to hear the collab from guy man sebastian jackson kavinsky…
    how they have created this, doesnt matter. it’s all about the result, as guy man said once.

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