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A Conversation with A-Trak

A little piece that Mediacontender, EIKNARF, kloud and I put together on Mr. A-Trak. Enjoy!

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  1. luca c.

    ‘America just discovered electronic music in the last couple of years???’ what about Detroit techno, Chicago House, Paradise Garage etc..’America is fixated w big shiny glossy electro/pop songs’..David Guetta/akon???…the guy doesn’t have a clue..he seems nice though

  2. he means the mainstream dumbass. You ever hear detroit techno on commercial radio? NO. you ever Guetta…yes! he means kids from all over are getting into electronica now that its being disguised as pop or hip hop music…

  3. Sowjet

    “a niche thing” … like he said

    but be glad that you didnt had the vocal house era in america

  1. uberVU - social comments - Mar 25th, 2010

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