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SebastiAn – Threnody

SebastiAn strikes back with “Threndoy” off of a limited Xmas present from the Ed Banger family. SebastiAn channels his Schoenberg, Stockhausen and of course Krzysztof Penderecki with this sample of his “Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima” with an 11 min intro of just rising tones and disjointed cacophany that is a huge fuck you to everyone. Finally it kicks into a usual SebastiAN banger moment for only 2 mins or so but it is oh so good.

SebastiAn – Threnody


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  1. Impressive, ballsy stuff. But I have a feeling someone out there in the blogosphere is going to extrapolate from those killer last two minutes and make a anal-thrustingly good remix…

  2. Deraj

    TMS sucks balls

  3. James

    Great track, anybody have any idea on where to find the rest of the promo tracks?

  4. DERAJ


  5. Deraj

    no,, dont disregard it

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