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“Drugs, dirty dancing, and pounding techno music.”

The metal maven Mixhell takes a stab at the Dewaele Brothers classic tune “Theme from Discoteque” a track they crafted under the moniker, Samantha Fu. Mixhell turns it into a very disco-rock sound track, almost sounds like a Soulwax Nite Version of the original. Lookout for Mixhell this December as he joins the Soulwaxmas tour.

Samantha Fu – Theme from Discoteque (Mixhell Edit)

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  1. Will

    Isn’t mixhell 2 people? The ex-Sepultura drummer and his wife. I saw them during the summer, quality live show and played some acce tunes too. This is a great edit btw.

  2. barclay

    love mix hell… saw them at webster a month or two ago by mistake… but ill when they bring in the drums.

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