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A-Trak + Surkin: Live @ I Love Techno 2009

A-Trak, DJ of the Year.

Download: A-Trak Live @ I Love Techno 2009 *Removed by Request*


Surkin is my fav Ableton DJ, hands down – Now when is his album coming out?!

Download: Surkin Live @ I Love Techno 2009

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  1. Bear

    Not workin’. Might want to host this on mediafire.

  2. Bear

    Fixed, merci.

  3. thanks! havent heard much new stuff from Surkin lately

  4. Jeff

    whats the song at like 5:10 on a-trak’s mix?? its amazing, especially with the sick scratches he throws down

  5. mark

    anyone knows the track at 11:33 from a-track?

    btw his ending is sick !

  6. Albin

    A-traks the best! The picture is from Parklife btw.

  7. HUMAN


  8. DUDE

    Surkin set is pretty bad quality.
    Sounds like its coming from someones raybans in the crowd whilst they drink a beer

  9. jeff

    hey dan,

    when you say:

    Surkin is my fav Ableton DJ, hands down

    can you tell me what a ableton dj actually does? i’m not saying its a bad thing but from the ableton djs ive seen aren’t they just playing a set they have basically already mixed. i’m sure it takes some skill putting the mix together but what then do they do live?

    just wondering

  10. Hubert

    Damn, I was at ILT but missed Surkin 🙁 Shame the recording is a bit low quality. Was the A-Trak set which has been taken down a HQ recording?

  11. Hijinx

    Yo jeff to answer your question about ableton djs performing live. Yes it is true that some people could play just a pre recorded mix that they pieced together in the editor of ableton. But what most ableton djs do including surking when they perform live is exactly what any other dj would do and that is mix tracks together live. Ableton gives the advantage of hundreds of different effects to use and layer many different sounds. So no Surkin is not just playing a pre recorded mix. people who do play prerecorded mixes is someone like girl talk. but that isnt djing its just playing mashups. Surkin is a real dj

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