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Phoenix: Live at The Wireless 2009

Photo by The Cobra Snake

Phoenix live is a totally different animal – raw and rocking. It all comes to life when Thomas Hedlund steps behind that drum kit. Here is a little souvenir for all of you who witnessed them live 🙂

Download: Phoenix: Live at The Wireless 2009 – Sydney, Australia

Tracklist :
01. Intro
02. Lisztomania
03. Long Distance Call
04. Consolation Prizes
05. Rally
06. Sometimes in the Fall
07. Love Like A Sunset Part 1
08. Love Like A Sunset Part 2
09. Too Young
10. Rome
11. 1901
12. Back Announce

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  1. Nat

    I was there for this.

    It was truly amazing. 1901 brought the house down….

  2. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is the best album of 09

  3. Benji


    Was hoping someone recorded this 🙂

    Thanks mate

  4. really amazing! best indie band!!

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