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Asian Dan Interview: Chinese Christmas Cards

1. Who is Chinese Christmas Cards?

Chinese Christmas Cards is young band from Barcelona that was created over a year ago and whose members are Mario Gutiérrez and Joan Sala. We met at school and fact that we shared musical interests, that Mario plays the guitar and Joan the piano was what made us bring this project together, in which song writting is combined with synthesizers and other electronic sounds.

2. What are your influences?

It is quite hard to talk about a direct influence, we think that it is all the music that we have listened to over the years that has made us do what we are doing, and it goes from the music from the 80’s, the 90’s pop all the way to the new current electronic trends. If something has really influenced us while componing that would be the songs our mothers sang in the shower, the sound of the construction work we hear nextdoor to where we produce, and the christmas cards, if possible chinese ones.

3. Are either of you Chinese? Is Christmas your favorite holiday?

Hahahahaha! The truth is no, neither of us is Chinese, but it all goes back to the school years when everybody called Joan “Chino”, which in Spanish means Chinese, because of the shape of his eyes.

Christmas is nice and is cool basically because of the days off school and the presents, but then it is too cold. If we could wear flipflops and shorts and eat ice cream in Winter then it would be our favourite holiday.

4. What 5 tracks heavily influenced and effected the Chinese Christmas Cards music?

Van Halen – The power of love

Michael Jackson – Will you be there

Rod stewart – Young Turks

Fleetwood mac – Go on your way.

Postal Service – Such Great Heights

5. Future plans for Chinese Christmas Cards?

For the moment, we produce at home, you could say that we are a “bedroom band”, but in the future we would like to record our tracks in a good studio to be able to get a better sound. We have been preparing a live concert for a while and in the next few months we would like to start to play in venues or wherever we can, and if it is not to much to ask for, find a label that can help us promote us and grow as a band.

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  1. bebofi

    CCC is the best band I’ve ever listened to!!!!!!!!!!

  2. begoña

    I agree! awesome!

  3. Fano

    Very nice music! keep up the good work!

  4. MG


  5. This band should be able to make it big, no sweat. I love the general sound. Chinese Christmas Cards is so chill and relaxed. I dig it d: