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Ladyhawke x Classixx

Not Classixx A-Game/best prouduction, but I still love them – we need an EP or album with more original music from them, hopefully it is coming soon!

Ladyhawke – Magic (Classixx Remix)

Cheers, Electrorash

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  1. Agreed. The first classixx song I ever heard was the extended mix of cold act ill and that song is still their only real banger. I don’t understand why they’re stuck on this atmospheric down tempo stuff. Not awful just not as good as what they could be releasing

  2. eric

    Evan – I think you are getting your musical taste and musical critique confused. Their chiller beats are just as good as the the other stuff (Cold Act Ill, I’ll Get You) but its just different. I applaud them for trying something different than bangers and appreciate their new found direction. I like the focus on melody.

  3. I agree with Eric.There’s definitely a plethora of other artists out there releasing bangers. I like bangers for clubbing and driving (driving badly, btw) but not for just being chill and lounge-y. Classixx has their own style. I always know I can count on artists like Lifelike, Alan Braxe, Fred Falke and Classixx to keep it feel-good/chill.

  4. Chuck

    I still have ill feelings toward The Young Americans for stealing the CASSIUS font/logo when they re-branded themselves as Classixx. I’ll Get You was the perfect mix of “banger” and fresh.

  5. cody

    I really like the direction that classixx is headed. All the songs that they have remixed recently released have been feel good tracks like chuck said a very fresh feel.

  6. Eric

    Good eye Chuck…didn’t notice the Cassius similarities.

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