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Chromeo – Night by Night

Download @ Green Label Sound: Chromeo – Night by Night

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  1. yeaaahhh buddy

    I let it slide that I heard Chromeo was all over mtv for a little while.. but NOW theyre sponsored by mountain dew… talk about selling out..

  2. its CHROME, its CHROME, O, O, OOOhh !!


  4. Chromeo is fun, don’t make it sound so serious that they make money off sponsorships when they are giving songs away for free.

    P.S. Todd Rundgren’s A Wizard, A True Star rocks.

  5. Chrome Knight

    Forget about the selling out stuff. these guys should rule the world! , these guys deserve coca cola sponsoring (calvin harris got that deal!)
    also there s this head thumping edit ou there fore the bassheads

    Chromeo – Night by night (Dr.GoFast Bootleg Mix)

    i can’t wait to here more remixies for this song. We need some armand van helden, proxy and tiga up in here !

  6. H&S

    Sorry to say that, but i’m SO disappointed about this song 🙁

  7. davey from honolulu

    mountain dew forever! thanks mountain dew!

  8. Huge thanks to you.

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