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Asian Dan Presents: Gloves “House of Octavia Minimix” + Interview

Sam, the official Asian Dan intern was able to wrangle Australia’s own, Gloves to put together this 25 min minimix for the b-log as well as answer a few short questions. I sure do love me my Australian bands and producer/DJs.

Download: Asian Dan Presents Gloves “House of Octavia Minimix”

Asian Dan Interview: GLOVES

1. Who is GLOVES? How would you describe your music?

Gloves is me, Yama Indra. I also have wealth of talented friends that I collaborate on tracks with sometimes. A lot of the originals I have coming up feature contributions from friends. Up until now it’s been almost all disco & house orientated dance music, I have some new material I’ll be releasing later in the year though, there’ll be more dance music but there’s also some pop, soundtrack & RnB influenced tracks.

2. What are your influences, musical or otherwise? What are your first
musical memories?

Musically I have been into just about every genre at one time or another. Over the last year I’ve been listening to mainly RnB (old & new), 70’s Jazz, 70’s Psych & as always a lot of disco & house music. \
Other influences? Well I love giallo films, good food, playing tennis on Wednesday’s with Melbourne’s pop/disco/house mafia, traveling, thunderstorms, swimming, adventure & of course hanging tough with my
girlfriend & pals. The very first musical memory I can recall involved my sisters & I performing a dance & karaoke routine to Madonna ‘Material Girl’ in for our parents & their friends on a camping trip. I think we also did Poison’s ‘Nothing but a good Time’ & Michael Jackson’s ‘BAD’. Pretty lame huh. That & spending endless hours learning classical pieces on the family piano.

3. What software/hardware are you working on?

Hardware: In my home setup I use Fender Telecaster Guitar, Fender Jazz Bass, Roland VP-330, Yamaha DX7, Oberheim Matrix1000, Roland JX-3P, Roland JX-8P & Suzuki Omnichord. I have access to a pro studio & a couple of friends with great hardware so I often use their gear too.

Software: Logic 8, Live 8 & then I use about 10 plugins for effects / dynamics, my source sounds are 90% from hardware or samples.

I generally use CDJs when DJing, I feel it let’s me be more spontaneus & ‘play’ rather than ‘playlist’.

4. Who are your favorite DJs/Producers?

Nile Rodgers & Benard Edwards, Alan Braxe, AIR, Rene & Angela, Claudio Simonetti, Quincy Jones, Daft Punk, Jacques Petrus & Mauro Malavasi, Larry Levan, Kano & James Murphy.

5. Could you tell us more about your second project, Damn Arms? I’m a
big fan of Destination Pt. I

Of course! Though sadly, we called it quits around March this year, so there’s not too much news on that front. Was great while it lasted though, we put out an EP, an album, toured internationally a bunch & played alongside almost everyone we could possibly have wanted to. We did have one last release come out on Bang Gang 12s which was the Destination remixes 12″ with mixes by Munk, DerDieDas, Bang Gang & Jaunt.

6. What remix/track of yours do you consider as your best one? Why?

Ah…that’s tough! I always like my more recent tracks the most, but, to be honest, it’s probably because I’ve heard them the least. It’s really quite hard to have any kind of objective opinion on music when you have created it yourself. So yeah, right now I really like the remix I just finished for Goldenbug, & I’m really into the b-side on my 12″ ‘Too Much to Dream’ but of course these are the two most recent tracks i have done.

7. Are you close friends with Ted & Francis? What do you think about
this australian duo?

I wouldn’t say were really close – but yeah they are sweet guys & we appreciate each others work. Musically, they have done some really cool tracks, the vocal on Erlend was great to work with.

8. What are your top 5 dance tracks?

Right now:
Whirlpool Productions – Disco to Disco
Bottin – No Static
S-Express – Theme From S-Express
Chic – I want your Love
Todd Terje – Eurodans

9. Future plans for you, Yama? Tours? Productions? Remixes?

My first original 12″ ‘Pyx’ is coming out this week with Bang Gang 12s featuring some super remixes from Strip Steve, Goldenbug & Ben Browning. My agents (Modular) are just starting to book a tour through Asia & Europe for next Jan / Feb, can’t wait. I’m launching my latest 12″ ‘PYX’ around Australia at the moment. I’ll have another release of originals out before the end of the year (EP or Album depending how much material I have!), will be out through Bang Gang 12s / Modular. I also just finished writing / producing a track for Australia artist ‘Catcall’ which is very different & quite dark. I’m taking a break from remixing for now to concentrate on originals but I recently finished mixes for both The Scare (EMI) & Goldenbug (GOMMA) & they’ll likely be out in the next month or two.

House of Octavia Minimix Tracklist:

1. We In Music – Now That The Love Has Gone (Les Rythmes Digitales Mix)
2. Bottin – No Static
3. Candido – Jingo (David Rodriguez 12-Inch Mix)
4. Todd Terje – Eurodans
5. Zombi – Sapphire (Escort Remix)
6. S-Express – Theme From S-Express
7. Crazy P – Stop Space Return (Unabombers Dub Mix)
8. The Scare – Could Be Bad (Gloves Remix)

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  1. Sergio

    Nice mixx!! Like it, specially the end. The last song from the mix isn’t the one from the tracklist, there are different ones. If someone knows the name of the last song of the mix, please post it here. Byee!

  2. Sam

    we updated the tracklist!

  3. chad

    what the name of the first track? (after the intro – don’t think the tracklist depicts the correct track)

  4. chevy

    great mix
    yama is the man

    but the tracklist, dont think its right.. help?

  5. Sergio

    @CHAD I found the first track: The Scare – Could Be Bad (Gloves Mix)
    The same from the mix!
    Btw, I would love to have the last track… Bye!

  6. So yeah, there was a mix up as I was doing two mixtapes at once!

    This is the tracklist:

    1. We In Music – Now That The Love Has Gone (Les Rythmes Digitales Mix)
    2. Bottin – No Static
    3. Candido – Jingo (David Rodriguez 12-Inch Mix)
    4. Todd Terje – Eurodans
    5. Zombi – Sapphire (Escort Remix)
    6. S-Express – Theme From S-Express
    7. Crazy P – Stop Space Return (Unabombers Dub Mix)
    8. The Scare – Could Be Bad (Gloves Remix)

    The other tracklist is part of a mix I did Bang Gang 12s podcast which you can find through this post:

    Ok, keep doing that cool everybody.

    Love, Gloves.

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