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Miike Snow x Fake Blood

Where is the signature cut up vocals to say “Fake Blood”? Not Fake Blood’s best remix but still a fun one.

Miike Snow – Animals (Fake Blood Remix)

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  1. Daniel

    I should’ve read your comment before playing the song four times in a row searching for Fa-Ay-Che Buh-Luh-Ud.

  2. Fabrice

    Unfortunatly, I read in an article that he would stop using his famous signature…sad isn’t it?

  3. i dj with two other people, and when i first got the remix i was like “hey guys, new fake blood remix – only thing, it doesn’t have the “Fa-Ay-Che Buh-Luh-Ud” vocals

    they both turned and looked at each other at the same time and said “it’s not a real fake blood remix then”

  4. JohnnyBeans

    AsianDan, where did you find this one? I’m really concerned about its authenticity…I don’t want its mediocrity to hurt Fake Blood’s reputation as a top-notch remixer!

  5. Sam

    it’s not fake c’mon!

  6. El Oso

    …it has that Cheap Thrills style…it is a Fake Blood Remix…no doubt about it! Let face it…

  7. Lance

    his first three or so remixes didnt have the vocal edit, so maybe now hes gained status hes trying to drop the ‘gimmick’. i do really miss it though already.

  8. yeah, i got it in a promo package from the label a week or two again, it’s definitely legit

  9. LOVING this. And kinda missing the “fake blood” vocal drop too 🙁

  10. Tim

    My rabbit loves this!!

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