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Aeroplane’s Annie Mac 5 Min Minimix

“The Belgian based DJ’s also known as Aeroplane prepared an amazing 5 Min Minimix for Annie Mac’s show.  Furthermore, they are also currently on tour in Europe so don’t miss them!” via @samisateenager

Amazing minimix, any mix that begins with Laura Brannigan automatically wins me over.


Michael Jackson : “Another Part Of Me”
Laura Branigan : “Self Control”
Baltimora : “Tarzan Boy”
Mr Oizo : “Positif”
Mike Snow : “Animal”
Marguaritas : “Marguaritas”
Ricchi & Poveri : “Sara Perche Ti Amo”
La Bionda : “I Got Your Number
The Juan McLean : “One Day”
Gino Soccio : “Remember”
Boney M : “Kalimba De Luna”
The Krays : “We Are Ready When You Are”
The Beach Boys : “Good Vibrations Outtakes”
Macho : “Not Tonight”
Mike Mareen : “Dancing In The Dark”
Empire Of The Sun : “We Are The People”
Friendly Fires Feat. Au Revoir Simone : “Paris”
Kidz : “Miss Mars”
The Golden Filter : “Solid Gold”
D Pulse : “More” – Foto Mix
Droid : “Mito”

  1. Fred

    Is that song really called “marguaritas” by “marguaritas”? The one with the beeps. I googled a bunch and found nothing…


  2. m89

    felicidad margherita – bony m

  3. Jey

    Hey, does anyone know if the Mike Mareen “Dancing in the Dark” with “We are the people” vocals is available as an remix or is it just an mashup made for this mix?

    (2:40 to 3:12 in the mix)


  4. balls

    NO it’s Margherita by Massara !

  5. This is really awesome…wish it last longer 🙂

  6. nicholasfeel

    FRED –

    Dorothys fortress made an amazing edit of it called “revenge of el santoro”… more playable than the original…check it out here…

    think is vinyl only though

  7. Ben

    yes, originaly Margherita – Massara

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