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Thomas Bangalter Live @ Cinespace 4.21.2009 – Busy P’s Birthday

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WOW. Speechless. Will 2009 be the year of Daft Punk?! Checkout Glenjamn’s sick videos from last night. So Thomas’ only did a 3 song set, “Rollin’ & Scratchin'”, DJ Mehdi’s “Signatune”, & Prince’s “Raspberry Beret”. STILL EPIC!!

UPDATE: Glenjamn was contacted by the Daft Camp requesting to take down the vids.
Videos after the jump!

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  1. oh my god, pedro’s bag is ridiculous.

  2. Sam

    Eastpak x Edbanger Records Collection

  3. diggy

    dreams do come true…

  4. Wow, just wow! I wish I’d been there!
    Is there a per chance recording of his set? That would’ve been amazing!

  5. ftb

    human after all?

  6. No mp3 of the set?? 🙁 Got my hopes up with the title of this post!

  7. El Oso

    I think I’m gonna cry….we miss the robots so bad!

  8. z

    A video was taken…

  9. Lucas

    Holy fuck I see myself! First video, about 4:47 in, tattoos and hat. FUCK YES!!!!!

  10. Thanks for watching my vids…

    I was directly in front of him filming this…





  11. Lucas

    Anyone know where I can find pictures for this besides thecobrasnake? (they aren’t up yet)

  12. David


    not very good on live dj set but still amazing

  13. AH!!! Love live the robots! (Humans, in this case)

    DJ Mehdi takes the cake for this quote:

    “We have a special guest; if you know who he is, good for you…if not…then GO HOME.”

    Epic indeed. This makes me miss Roule. BRING IT BACK DAMMIT!!!

  14. chris

    at least i got to watch the first one. now it’s all ’embedding disabled by request.’ fudge.

  15. El Oso

    Why the F+CK we can’t see the videos?

  16. ElCal

    For the record that was bangalters edit of signature

  17. louielou

    theres videos of this on youtellconcerts page on the youtubes. there is also vids up on vimeo.

    i watched glenjamns videos on youtube seconds after they were posted and it looked so fuckin sick!

  18. El Oso, glenjamn was asked to take down the videos by Daft/Busy P. Gotta keep this under wraps for now… 😉

  19. El Oso

    So unfair…we miss the robots!

  20. Pag

    poor mr bangalter is loosing his hair. he looks a bit like my dad now.

  21. matt

    you’d think if they went out of their way to email you and ask you to take the videos down you’d have the courtesy to do it after he and guy-man have treated you to countless hours of good times and probably the most epic three song sequence you’ve ever been a part of cause i guarantee the second he started playing you shit your pants. have some respect.

  22. Yanik

    Bangalter is a modern master!

  23. Marc A.

    Does somebody know who is the guy with the white tee shirt ?

  24. Collin Shots

    There is no way in hell I would call this epic.

  25. Prince Macrab

    I’m sure you just had to be there to feel the epicness. Videos won’t do it justice

  26. ed

    where the fuck guy ?

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