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Lenny Kravitz x Justice

Once again, an irrelevant artist trying to make a comeback by partnering up with some of the hip guys of the moment. Oh I love how the music industry works. Justice is definitely channeling some of Stevie Wonder in this track. Still though..a big HUH?! from me. C’mon Justice just make some new original stuff.

Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule 2009 (Justice Remix)

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  1. Ben Clayton

    I’m liking this track, but I don’t think Justice is really keeping up with the times. Even A-Trak said that “Hard shit is dead, make it weird or musically challenging”

  2. im tired of justice’s sound… i want to hear something new, refreshing
    also i wonder how much justice charge for a remix for u2 or kravitz

  3. DaSkuLLKiiD

    Hard shit isn’t dead, it’s just summer time! Justice has a monopoly on what they do, they’ll never die and they will absolutely evolve.

  4. PW

    “over the justice sound”. I hate it how people suggest an artist or a band is just something that is to be categorized as a hyped fad or whatever after theyve been around for a while.

    Theyve been making music for like 6 years and have a pretty diverse aesthetic in what theyve made so far.

    It’s just a $$$ remix, relax.

    And how can you say this track is “hard”, or newjack, dance, dvno or valetine?

    You seem to forget that Justice pretty much invented what we now lamely call “bangers” and that crookers, aoki, beetroots etc just rip it.

    Their next album will have the same impact as cross did.

  5. PW

    actually justice have been ripped by everyone from dim mak, everyone from turbo recordings and BNR.

    Stones Throw and Ed Banger are the only labels that try to innovate and make something new.

  6. mark

    just wait and be relaxed guys.

    Before they would make the cross album, Busy P told justice to practice their sounds by making and experimenting with remixes and they did with more then 10 remixes before releasing Cross.
    Remixes for N.E.R.D., FATBOY SLIM and fucking Britney Spears!!!

    They are just building up for a new album wait and seeā€¦..

  7. “My mental fabric too thick for Lenny Kravitz who imitates Jimi Hendrix in every facette.” – Edan

    Damn right!

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