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MSTRKRFT Live on Jimmy Kimmel

The concept of MSTRKRFT performing live with real synths and real drums is more exciting than it happening in reality. It just lacked energy and N.O.R.E. just seemed out of it, busy checking his Twitter. Also whoever was doing the sound sucked, the vocals were too loud in the mix. Pretty cool seeing JFK behind a synth and in front of huge bass amps again (RIP DFA1979). I wonder who was drumming. Overall mediocre.

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  1. gotta <3 tweets yallz! haha

  2. Wow. He was actually checking his phone.

  3. TommyA (T-Atoms)

    Damn. N.O.R.E. was totally checking his phone thingy… LAME, disrespectful…

  4. What a lame performance, I felt embarrassed for viewers.

  5. Thoizo

    Never really liked the track, but this just makes me cry.

  6. i think jahmal from the carps was doing drums, he does vocals for a few tracks on the album

  7. Bastille

    I’ve lost faith in MSTRKRFT. Here’s to Simian Mobile Disco’s upcoming release!

  8. As Colbert said, “Yes, i’ve twatted before”

  9. Falcore

    And what the hell was up with the production, this was a MSTRKRFT performance, why did they keep the lens on N.O.R.E. and Isis 5/6 of the time

  10. charles

    that would have been AWESOME if it had had a good engineer behind the faders! i bet jesse and Al are pissed off with that shit mix!

  11. achmed

    drummer is from thunderheist, the girl too

  12. danny

    that was terrible
    more so on nore and even the drummer ..
    the synth wasnt loud enough argh
    i dont know what to think of mstrkrft anymore.
    what do people think of their new album?

  13. WW

    Fuck ’em. He hasn’t done shit since Nothin’ or Grimey anyways which banged b/c they were Neptune beats when they were on the top of the game.. . If they wanted like a legendary iconic party rocker type mc of yore the choice shoulda been Busta Rhymes who is an iconic old school MC that still can rock… He has the energy & charisma to rock over that kinda beat & would kill a performance like that. SEE: WHERE IT IS RIGHT NOW or WOO HA! Dude bugs out & goes the fuck off. Lil’ Jon, Slick Rick, Nas, JayZ, Spank Rock, Amand Blank, lotsa others woulda been sick (besides Kanye).. . I know they wanted it thugged out, but N.O.R.E. is def. O.V.E.R. after that lack of performance.

    And Yes the mix was bad. Isis @ least tried to perform, Dude should maybe just retire if he has better shit (cellio action the whole time) to do as there is a lot of hungry ass motherf@ckers coming up they will eat his ass alive on some MIC skills/performance. That’s some half ass shit.
    Sorry Bra, Come Wid it or.. .

  14. Adam

    Art is just becoming more and more watered down.. now, you can sample an entire part from an old song and add a synth, and walah.. it’s your song!

    Commercial music is a joke. I can’t wait for the time when people actually appreciate artists instead of entertainers who act like artists.

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