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Lily Allen x Duke Dumont

Whenever I listen to Duke Dumont I feel super chilled out or like I am a bunch of pills. I love what Duke Dumont does to this Lily Allen track. Definitely a track you play on the way home after a long night. Duke Dumont’s productions are super visual sounding, very similar to Burial.
Lily Allen – The Fear (Duke Dumont Remix)

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  1. Amit

    Now this is what a remix should be. Not just a stupid “lets put a 140 bpm beat on this and make it dancy”, but a reimagining of the song itself. Where it takes the essence of the song and puts it in a completely different context, allowing you to see more meaning in the song than was there before. Thanks for the post.

  2. adium

    sort the RSS out. why remove the links?

  3. freddy

    W00t! Great remix!

  4. Fei

    Thats really impressive, man

  5. müller

    luv it s2

  6. what a great remix.
    beautiful stuff.


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