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Cat Stevens – Was Dog a Doughnut?

WHAT?! This is Cat Stevens?! This track off Cat Stevens’ 1977 album Izitso It sounds like something Herbie Hancock or Giorgio Moroder would put out. This track just makes Cat Stevens even cooler than he was before.

Cat Stevens – Was Dog a Doughnut?

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  1. wow, this was an awesome find

    i love this track and i can’t believe it’s Cat Stevens.
    i have a half a mind to call you a liar right now, but a beautiful wonderful liar.

    thank you 🙂

  2. pete

    LOVE this track. pilooski did a great edit of it as well that’s worth digging up.

  3. Lisa Hampton

    whoa, whoof

  4. nukechem57

    This track is coo-ooo-ool. I like the mind’s eye that actually causes music to change because of its influence. Miles would be proud, Cat.

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