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Breakbot – Disco Mini Mix: Dance on Glass Mix 03

Breakbot crafts this slick disco mini mix, packing it full of all the classic French dance tracks as well the smoothest disco around. I love Breakbot.

Breakbot – Disco Mini Mix – Dance on Glass Mix 03

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  1. JAck PRosser

    After mr oizo’s cut dick, He mixes in another disco track at the same time which i think is up here but then it sounds like a variation of Vaughan masons”Bounce, roll skate(whatever its called, you will it get from typing that) and then its :Seelenluft”manila”(zongamin remix) : )

  2. Chrille

    That Midfield General – Disco Sirens mix still need to be id:ed. Does he use the acapella or not?

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