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Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Radio 1 Minimix

Erol Alkan and Richard Norris crafted this Psycho-delic minimix of some great psychedelic 60s tunes, pop tunes as well as a few edits of their own. You really see how much music Erol knows and that he just isn’t a bangertastic DJ/Producer. Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve just recently released “Re Animations Vol 1” a collection of some of their “re-animations/re-visions/re-edits/re-mixes” of tracks by The Chemical Bros, Simian Mobile Disco, and Late of the Pier just to name a few.

Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Radio 1 Minimix

Also checkout a little clip Glenjamn took of Erol’s set from Hard 13 from this past Friday. Erol drop’s Daft Punk’s ATW but with an unknown track under the a capella. Anyone know what track it is? I love that acid bassline.

Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Radio 1 Minimix Tracklist & Hard 13 video after the jump….

A BTWS Announcement – ‘A Small Face’
Bill Wyman – ‘(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star’
Franz Ferdinand – ‘Ulysses (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation)’
Holgar Czukay – ‘Cool In The Pool’
Late of the Pier – ‘The Bears Are Coming’ (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation)
The Monkees – ‘Zilch’
Ramses & Selket – ‘In My Minds Eye’
The Beatles – Hey Bulldog ‘(Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation)’
Time & Space Machine – ‘A Psychedelic Circus’
The Creation – ‘How Does It Feel?’
Unknown – ‘She Landed In The Crack’
A BTWS Announcement – ‘20,000 Years’
Captain Beefheart – ‘Zig Zag Wonderer’
The Mickey Finn – ‘Garden Of My Mind’
The Prisoners – ‘I Will Take You For A Ride’
A BTWS Announcement – ‘We Wanna Be Free’
The Sonics – ‘Have Love Will Travel’
Noise – ‘Noise’
Link Wray – ‘Deuces Wild’
A BTWS Announcement – ‘Tragedy’
Outkast – ‘Hey Ya’
13th Floor Elevators – ‘Fire Engine’
Sueno Un Camino – ‘Ovni 87’
Issabelle – ‘Amstramgramme’
Monks – ‘Oh How They Do’
The Pretty Things – ‘Defecting Grey’
Pink Floyd – ‘See Emily Play’
A BTWS Announcement – ‘No Nrut’

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  1. Andrew

    Ask and ye shall receive. It’s Vitalic – Midnight Express Theme (Original by Giorgio Moroder). It’s on youtube.

    Saw Erol at Cab Vol in Edinburgh last month, was something else. He played this weird a Capella that sounded like somebody saying “Now your only focus is on drugs.” But it was all pitch shifted and stuff. Anyone else hear him play that recently? Anyone know what it is? It’s been bothering me for weeks…

    Thanks again Dan.

  2. celia mae

    ask and ya shall recieve andrew.. that song is incredible. it’s the faint- mirror error (das glow remix). i’ve been after it for months but it’s taking ages to be released!

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