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Daft Punk Win 2 Grammys

According to the The GRAMMYs twitter, Daft Punk has won 2 Grammys.

TheGRAMMYs Best Electronic/Dance Album: Alive 2007, Daft Punk

TheGRAMMYs Best Dance Recording: Harder Better Faster Stronger off Alive 2007, Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter & Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo, producers

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  1. naokai

    Justice also won best remix for Electric Feel

  2. Freekje

    Jip, and Soulwax wasn’t even nominated with their remix of Kids. Weird…

  3. thats awesome for daft punk but didnt alive 2007 come out two years ago and hbfs came out like 8 years ago? so why did they win, when i thought the grammys just gave out awards from last years music?

  4. Freekje

    hbfs from the Alive CD not the original. And the grammy’s are for the music from (i think) october 2007 till september 2008.

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