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Justice Live DJ Set in Manchester

Photo by Freedom Record – DJ Set Live @ Virgin Records – Champs Elysée, Paris – 10.24.2008

Here is Justice’s infamous fake DJing set “live” in Manchester 11.8.2008 at The Warehouse. It is a similar set to their I Love Techno 2008 and Galaxy FM sets. I love the Lifelike Remix of Vicarious Bliss that they drop in the set. Help with the tracklist would be appreciated.

Theme from Vicarious Bliss (Lifelike Goes To Disco Remix)

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  1. future boy

    31 39.55 Second Phase – Mentasm

    Proxy – Destroy (pitched up by justice & on repeat)


  2. Anybody know the tracks being played at 47:47? The clapping sounds like “Rock Shock (Thomas Bangalter’s Start-Stop Mix)”, but I can’t ID the higher-pitch vocals behind it or the piano house that’s being played. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. David

    thanks for all the updates. does anyone know track 21?? I have been searching for a really long time now.


    at 47.47 sounds like The Vamp-Outlander

  5. hi all I would like to give me the name of the song that comes before them pilous petit-housi please 🙂

  6. wave at all could give me the name of the song that goes before Les Petits Pilous-housi

  7. hugoyeye

    what is the track 17. 16:40 ???

  8. hugoyeye

    a name track 15:00 Grant Phabao – Tub

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