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Asian Dan Presents Plus Move’s “Milli Mini Mix” + Interview

Plus Move has hooked Asian Dan up with an exclusive mix of their favorite songs and a few demo tracks from their upcoming EP entitled Worthy as well as a few of their favorite songs.

Plus Move – Milli Mini Mix

Asian Dan Interviews Plus Move:

1. Who is Plus Move? How would you describe your music?
Plus Move is Paul Mihailoff, Josh Shifrin & Sphinx. Our music was born in the year 2099 as the means and celebration of the victory over BOSS.

2. Who are your influences? What was your first musical memory?
Everything from Lil Wayne to House Of Pain to SebastiAn to Basil Poledouris to The Bloody Beetroots to The Beatles. Our first musical memory is Sesame Street.

3. Who are your favorite DJs/Producers?
Our favorite DJ is Busy P. Our favorite producer is Breakbot.

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4. What are you top 5 favorite dance tracks?
Michael Jackson – Bad
The Bloody Beetroots – We Are From Venice
Justice – Stress (Auto Remix)
SebastiAn -Nadiya Remix
Breakbot- Chelsea Inn

5. Why the move from Boston to Austin? Better music scene?
We just needed a change of scenery.

6. What do you use to produce your tracks? All software?
Paul plays bass and Josh plays the guitar. Everything else is created by Sphinx.

7. What do you guys think is the next big thing? Who are some artists you are loving?
We love Breakbot. He should be the next big thing. Mystery Jets, The Clash, Lil Wayne, Kanye, SebastiAn (always), Bill Withers.

8. Plus Move plans for 2009? An epic time travel tour in a sphinx?
Dropping our next EP Worthy, followed by an untitled single, and a Plus Move Live tour (complete with time travel and Sphinx).

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  1. So I’m stoked for the EP and the mix made me happy, but not nearly as happy as finding someone more credible than myself who thinks Breakbot should be the next to blow. Such an awesome, distinct sound.

    Hurrah Plus Move and hurrah Breakbot.

  2. Well, I feel like Girl Talk pretty much did what they’re doing. I’m not blown away or anything. There are numerous glitch artists around. Now “Bastard Pop,” glitch has emerged (check wikipedia).

    The streamable track is cool but I’m not blown away or anything. Of course, Girl Talk doesn’t always blow me away either.


  3. Excited for these dudes to blow up!

  4. Check out their twonka mix, about 20 times more epic. Love plus move, I barely missed their little gig down in austin even though I live here. Damn, cut copy wasn’t such a great replacement.

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