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Justice: I Love Techno 2008 & Galaxy FM

Here are some new live mixes by Justice with their new Ableton setup. Interesting stuff, I think they are still getting a hang of their new setup so the mixing is ok. Any help with the tracklist would be great.

Justice – Live @ I Love Techno 2008 – 11.15.2008

Cheers to Soundcollector, check out their entire post of I Love Techno 2008 sets from LA Riots, Boys Noize and others.

Justice – The Weekend Warm Up – Galaxy FM – 11.8.2008

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  1. Christ

    1. Bob Sinclair/Thomas Bangalter – Gym Tonic (Jane Fonda Workout Clip)

    Similar to the set that they played at Hard Haunted Mansion but I think Hard was mixed smoother. Anyone have that set? They dropped a great Phantom Edit with, I think, a Sylvester loop. Fucking Amazing. Also they opened with an as good The Party Edit with a solid bass line. Please help if you know what songs these were or have that set available. Dan is hot fire these days.

  2. no

    first track is not gym tonic

    it’s daft punk – high life with scenario rock – skitzo dancer

    the jane fonda workout doesn’t come in till later and i don’t think it’s the original mix or tune.

  3. w

    the very last song is jack is back by david guetta.
    does anybody else have any more track id?

  4. dan c

    any id on the track a bit after gym tonic? the one that goes “that’s what I’m used to hearin”? I KNOW I’ve heard it before and its ripping me apart.

  5. I LOVE TECHNO! I was there! It ruled…. Justice was really great, but i liked the Bloody Beetroots the best, because of their energy behind the decks…

    But thanks for the liveset… good memories!

  6. dan c

    1. Daft Punk – High Life
    2. Fast Eddie – Get On Up
    3. Alan Braxe – Vertigo (Thomas Bangalter Edit)
    4. Vicarious Bliss – Theme From Vicarious Bliss (Lifelike Remix)
    5. Bob Sinclar – Gym Tonic
    6. Buffalo Bunch – T.I.T.T.S
    7. ??? (“that’s what I’m used to hearin”)
    8. ??? (probably some Roule or Le Knight Club, it escapes me for now)
    9. Boys Noize – My Head (Para One Remix)
    10. Thomas Bangalter – Colossus
    11. ??? with Soulwax – NY Excuse (A Capella) over it
    12. Justice – Phantom II (Soulwax Remix)
    13. ??? (very disco-ey)
    14. Justice – DVNO (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
    15. LFO – Freak
    16. Justice – Stress

  7. 11. Brodinski – Bad Runner + Soulwax – NY Excuse

  8. DAN C

    if anybody’s still interested 7 is Fast Eddie – Yo Yo Get Funky (Used To Hearin’ Mix), and My Head has DJ Funk – Booty Bounce layered over.

  9. Gawney

    13. DJ Falcon – Untitled : )

  10. Cheesie

    correction to 12.
    its Phantom Pt. II (Boys Noize Unreleased Turbine Remix) – Jus†ice

  11. anime

    7. Grant Phabao – Tub

  12. wave at all could give me the name of the song that goes before Les Petits Pilous-housi

  13. 1.daft punk- High Life
    2.Fast Eddie – Get On Up
    3.Alan Braxe – Vertigo (Thomas Bangalter Edit)
    4.Vicarious Bliss – Theme From Vicarious Bliss (Lifelike Remix)
    5.Bob Sinclar – Gym Tonic
    6. Buffalo Bunch – T.I.T.T.S
    7.Grant Phabao – Tub
    8.boys noize-my head(para one remix)
    9.Thomas Bangalter – Colossus
    10.justice– ny phantom
    11.DJ falcon untitled
    12.justice-dvno(les petits pilous remix)
    15.david hueta–jack is back
    16.TC Crew – Once Bitten
    17.Human Resource Vs 808 State – Dominator (Soulwax Edit)
    18.The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix)
    19.proxy–dancing in the dark
    20.justice–phamtom pt 2 (soulwax remix)
    21.the sound of the big babou
    22.Mr Oizo – Cut Dick
    23.the prodidy–omen
    24.¿¿¿????????????i don´t
    25.les petits pilous–housi
    26.arman van helden–the funk phenomena(sample)
    27.justice–we are your friens

    I hope might help and also give me the name of the song that will not conosco
    before Les Petits Pilous-Housi :):O:P

  14. Crock
    Prodigy- No goods
    Houratron- Troopers


    If anybody knows which loop they used over prodigy – everybody in the place while transitioning into dancing in the dark (the pump it up one) it would be greatly appreciated.

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