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DJ AM @ Hard Haunted Mansion 2008

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I was talking to Glenjamn the other day saying that every DJ at Hard Haunted Mansion 2008 should have dressed as Daft Punk, just have a gang of Robots like in Electroma bum rush the stage and confuse everyone. And to answer peoples questions I think DJ Am is mixing edits that he made himself with Serato, so he isn’t just playing the Alive 2007 CD. And to everyone that is hating on him for doing this, c’mon don’t we all want to be Daft Punk and how can he pass up an opportunity to dress up as Daft Punk and play for thousands of people.

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  1. loser

    wow what a loser NO WHERE near as good as daft punk.

  2. Why is he playing the Alive 2007 tracks and not really DJing? This bothers me….makes no sense at all. Nice costume, though.

  3. thawkins

    I don’t get it.

  4. jojofrey

    so who is it? dj am or daft punk? all gimmicks point to daft punk?

  5. What’s there to get?

  6. ard


    *the sound of this blog going down in an irreversable nosedive*

  7. ard

    i’m sorry, i don’t mean that. i just wish you’d get back to actually posting worthwhile music. this used to be the blog i was most excited to click on, and now it just feels like you’ve given up on electro.

  8. parr

    yes everybody would love to be Daft Punk, but cmon’……. the guy could be more creative!! Playing Alive and just tweaking some knobs….. BEEN DONE!!!!

  9. I don’t think the edits should matter, because it’s still kinda duping the crowd, in a way. Although it’s cool to be Daft Punk for Halloween, it’s not cool to pretend to be them and recreate their hard work. As a tribute? Sure. But if you’re on the bill as “DJ AM”, don’t do that to all your fans, don’t do that to the promoters that billed you.

  10. Thomas LaCroix

    you guys seem to forget that this guy just survived a horrific plane crash and still has fresh burn scars to prove it. give him a fucking break, pretty rad that he is so quick back on the djing trail so soon after an accident like that. I was at hard fest and it was a hell of a time, maybe you all forget that he is one of the most highly regarded dj’s in the game. Weird that its only losers like you who feel like you can talk shit to a guy you don’t even know. shut the fuck up and enjoy some music.

  11. Understand that his skills, his spot on HARD or his accident (thankfully he’s OK) are not the point of this discussion, right? You can’t give him an out, because he’s been right back on the circuit since he got back to L.A. Yes, he is one of the better DJs out there, he’s absolutely great, but that’s exactly what the problem is, he’s DJ AM.

    Thomas, I understand the trauma he’s been through, but you can’t be so nasty about other people’s opinions. All of the points are valid and there’s no need to get angry. It’s not like we’re neglecting the fact that he survived a plane crash and got some nasty burns, it’s just we don’t understand why he’d do that to people who expected DJ AM, that’s all. Quit being cranky.

  12. grandinvasion

    can’t the guy have some fun, it was halloween night geez. if he played the same set not dressed as daft punk i don’t think anybody would be complaining. besides, i’m sure the crowd would have enjoyed this set no matter who was performing it.

  13. j

    bomb ass night

  14. Human after yall

    Wow just because you knew about daft punk in the late 90’s doesn’t mean you have to be a snob. What he’s doing in that video is funny and original. Take everything seriously about music. ‘ELECTRO’ is so serious these days… What do you expect him to play wearing that amazing costume?

  15. designsbyd

    ok for the record he took the costume off at some point. so it’s not like he was masquerading as daft all night. so there was no disappointment to his fans, although there was confusion for a bit, despite daft being two people and not one, him being on the bill as dj am, and his laptop clearly having his name on it. i think many people at hard had just wanted it to be true.

  16. Hello. My name is Glen.
    Friend of Asian Dan…and fellow Nerdy Daft Punk blogger fan.

    Just here to clear the air on my friend AM:

    AM loves Daft Punk. Just like how you love Daft Punk. Especially if you went to the ALIVE shows. I’ve felt the same way ever since I saw them melt my mind at Coachella 2007. Unleashing a visual and sonic fury from the FUTURE. Honestly, mind blowing is an understatement. Anyhow, ever since I saw them at Coachella, I’ve pretty much devoted my life to preaching the DAFT Gospel. After having seen the LA show and realizing that “DAFT PUNK HAD PLAYED AT MY HOUSE”…I started talking with AM about that amazing gig. He even admitted he went to the SF show a couple days after…just because he HAD to (I knew a few friends that did the same exact thing…sadly, I had work so couldn’t go…but definitely caught em at VEGOOSE). From that point on, AM and I became pretty decent friends because we first just nerded out on how cool Daft Punk was…I shared every vid I ever took…and he started to drop Daft Punk jams into his set. I got video proof that he wasn’t just doing it for the HARD crowd at Halloween. He’s been doing it ever since his soul got re-ignited by seeing the DAFT ones pull an amazing show that I don’t think anything else could rival. AM understood this…I mean the dude’s heard and spun it all…he is a pretty established DJ…and he still got as geeked as I did over Daft Punk. He would later host the official VEGOOSE afterparty w/ Daft Punk. He would also befriend Busy P (the same dude that was laughing and smiling while watching footage of AM’s set at HARD off of AM’s laptop this past Sunday at LAX). And then this past Tuesday, he was hanging with both Thomas and Guy-Manuel in LA…talking about the election and whatnot…and definitely regaling the tale of how he “DUPED” a bunch of kids at HARD. You think the Daft ones were pissed? Naw…they’re still friends with AM. So…in my book, if Daft Punk’s not pissed. And if AM was just dressed in a costume like everyone else around the world on HALLOWEEN and LIVE MIXED a set devoted to his favorite DJs…let him. What the hell is there to get all pissy about?

    IMO…I was there…AM already let me in on the secret…and I was still jumping around as an idiot behind…just because I always get those chills that I got at Coachella, LA & VEGOOSE. I mean…just because he gets those same chills and plays his favorite music by his favorite DJs…why should anyone get upset. Case Closed?



  17. i just want to know where to buy one of those helmets.

    i would wear it everywhere. even to the mall.

  18. Glen, thanks so much for the clarification and I’m a fan of your blog, man! Thanks for the CRAZY CLIPS you get out of each show you go to…absolutely bonkers.

    Thanks for settling down this wildfire with some clarity, I appreciate it.

  19. What about the ‘encore’, did he show up red lighted?
    To me this seems just like the daft punk show (without the light, the atmosphere etc. of course), but knowing it’s not them just kills the thing, even if what he did stays pretty cool !

  20. JAD

    Everyone, just be excited you got to listen to all that Daft Punk on thizz! You KNOW how much fun that was. Seriously, what brings all of us rave going kids more joy than hearing a really fucking kick ass Daft Punk song on drugs with our friends on the same night we saw Justice, SMD, Boys Noize, Sebastian, Soulwax and BUSY P!? I HAD THE BEST NIGHT OF MY FUCKING LIFE!! And AM only added to it because he played all of those righteous tunes and I was diggin’ it. Oh my God, I love European electro!!!!!!

  21. sorry. i meant coachella 2006. 😉

    thanks electrodrone for the nice words.


  22. Asian Dan

    Thank you Glenjamn for that essay. A+

  23. Paul G

    Even before Glenjamin’s eloquent comment, I was gonna comment that everyone needs to calm down.

    I don’t listen to AM at all, but what a great fucking trick and treat on Halloween.

    Daft Punk run this shit. Everybody knows that. What a great way to play on that.

    And for the record, AM might have stole a couple pieces from the Alive 2007 disc, but he is mixing things together himself. The end of Technologic into Television proves that, along with the ATW tease.

    Good for him, the more I think about this, the more cool I know it was!

  24. Ayy Loser!,Get DJ AM’s name out ur fukkin mouth ight!? he didnt make his own daft mixes he played as daft, dumbass!!! did u see tha video of him at hardfest!? u probobly didnt! he took off his own daft helmet nd mixed fromthere so Shut tha fukk up!


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