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A Cross the Universe: Live Remixes

Jus†ice x Glenjamn x Hard Halloween

The Electro Banger scene has become quite stale and is just the same heavy distorted sound, but Justice has restored my faith in the power in loud electro bangers with these live Remixes/Revisions of “Phantom” and “One Minute to Midnight”. The duo have come a long way from their first live performances. They deconstruct, mix, and mash their own tracks in Ableton with such ease that it almost sounds like they are “playing” instruments. I am excited to hear what they have in store for the future. I am also very excited for the rest of this live album and the DVD. \m/

Phantom Part 1.5 sounds like Metallica meets Yellow Magic Orchestra & Rondo Veneziano.
Justice – Phantom Part 1.5

A little Iron Maiden reference.
Justice – Two Minutes to Midnight

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  1. Chris

    Thanks so much for this. Anyone have the third track on their myspace? The Party (live)?

  2. B


    chris – whats wrong with streaming it if you cant do it yourself

  3. H.

    Which controler are they using live for Ableton?

  4. Where are the links to download em?

  5. They use Jazzmutant Lemurs, along with microKorgs to trigger their clips in Ableton, along with a mixer. Pretty sick stuff, but to prepare all this and then manipulate it on the fly, it takes skill and patience. Nice job, Justice.

  6. looks like there using a akai mpd24 as well as a djm800 for midi……… and the third track is here enjoi……

  7. ABOMB, I believe they use that for DJ sets…unusually enough. That’s all, though. Nice track leak 🙂

  8. p.Hemingway

    Does anyone know what show/date these came from?

  9. I think if you check out the March tour, which was when the doc was shot…it was the L.A. show.

  10. agush

    does not sound like metallica at all, go check your ears

  11. Mario&Luigi

    Mama Mia!

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