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Kanye West – Love Lockdown (Live @ VMA 2008)

A new direction for Mr. West that I definitely enjoy. He seems to be embracing his dark pop side including Auto Tune/Vocoder vocals and minimalist production. I gotta say he has a pretty decent voice.

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  1. Chinua

    Ye sings? Thanks for the post- I usually miss the VMAs because most of it is not worth seeing. The chorus reminds me of Lovelight by Robbie Williams, which is itself a remake.

  2. Ahmed

    Looks like the video was pulled, is there a mirror somewhere?

  3. GSB

    whoa. pretty damn great, surprisingly….

  4. Jacuzzi

    bad ass….kanye, although a dbag, is one of the most innovative guys in hip hop

  5. Anonymous

    Thankyou for the post….massive Kwest fan since back in 2004.

    Seems like his moving towards his G.O.O.D artists – common, consequence and john legend…more soulful.

    think it may be the direction of his new album…his come along way since college dropout…he seems to be mellowing a lot?

  6. Anonymous

    no way man…where can i watch his performance now???

  7. Glenjamn

    after my vids also got rejected…

    went to DAILYMOTION (they get a lot of approved videos from diff networks/stations)

    or…support the homies. =)

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