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Justice – Planisphère

Photo by I can be accident

Planisphère, Justice’s magnus opus that they created for the Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2009 fashion show. They polished this track up, added their signature reverbs, effects, chopped up edits etc. They even added a proggy wanking guitar solo. You can tell their love for The Fucking Champs is really making an impact on their music. There seems to be a return to their epic church disco sound circa Waters of Nazareth. Maybe Justice is on the way of becoming a full fledged electronic prog band? I wonder what is in store next.
Cheers, Buzz End Direkt

Justice – Planisphère – Part 1

Justice – Planisphère – Part 2

Justice – Planisphère – Part 3

Justice – Planisphère – Final

Download Zip File: Justice – Planisphère (zshare)

Kanye x Busy P x Xavier x Dior Homme Tokyo
Deadstock Don

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  1. criticalacclaim

    thanks dan, this is a great one. hopefully they’ll play at least part of it at street scene.

  2. Anonymous

    thank you thank you for this!!!

  3. goingotherplaces

    I really hoped this would show up, thanks for posting! In the end I was getting a bit tired of hearing people clapping at the end of the mix…

  4. T-Atoms

    Damn that pic of the Dior show!

    I had a connect to get me in, but she didn’t let me know until like an hour before!

    Things will be better once I move to Tokyo. I won’t miss these cool ass shows!

  5. Nessa

    I love Justice, I love you.

  6. Anonymous

    sweeeeeeeeeet mix. one gem that can be crossed off the list, next is soulwax’s remix of kids by mgmt.

  7. Anonymous

    Are they sampling one of TF Champs’ tracks?

  8. ∙fj♥∙

    Dude i have posted the whole track unseperated, if you're intrested:

    Love ur blog <3

  9. nathan

    man, this is sooooo jean michel jarre ! Even the title of the piece is connected to the Jean Michel Jarre’s work (Oxygène, Equinoxe, etc.)

  10. Tas

    Justice DJ at matter and tickets are almost sold out!!!
    Joining them – Busy P, DJ Mehdi, So Me, In Flagrani (Live), Mickey Moonlight, the DURRR crew and many more.
    Don’t miss out! Tickets from

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