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DatA – Rapture Part. II

I was never a fan of the original version of this track featuring Sebastien Grainger but this reworking/remix/part II is fantastic. It is so Timbaland. Such a big synth part and auto tune a la The Dream/T-Pain all over the Sebastien’s vox.

DatA – Rapture Part. II (feat. Sebastien Grainger)

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  1. ifieverfeelbetter

    Original is much better. This sounds like a Pussycat Dolls song..

  2. Anonymous

    i agree that the original is a lot better, this seems like he just took the vocal track and slapped some subpar top 40 beat over it. COME ON DATA, you can do better!

    also, why is this just a single and not part of an album?

  3. Thomas LaCroix

    I think its rad that a producer like Data chose to produce a more pop oriented song. Electronic producers are so much more talented than hip hop producers, Data and others could just destroy the dance floor in any genre they so choose.

  4. j

    DatA is so much better than this song in general.

  5. Anonymous

    extremely weak musically. its so cliche that i think hes trying to be ironic possibly?

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