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The Chemical Brothers x Soulwax

2 Many Dj’s x

The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix) (yousendit)
The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix) (zshare)
Cheers, Buzz En Direkt

Next up this remix!! I can’t wait!

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  1. Marey

    amazing! what more can I say. thnx!!

  2. goingotherplaces

    wow, that was some serious goodness flowing throught my speakers there. Thanks for sharing this, I credited you on my blog too.

  3. brian savage

    “All music shared on this site is copyrighted by the artists and are only meant as samples”

    sounds like bullshit to me. posts like this are killing music…

    soulwax + the chems = huge hype. lots of money/time/creativity/brainpower went into this… promos just went out a week back… it’s releasing in a few days… but oh wait, here it is in 320 glory for free…


  4. SWITCHâ„¢

    very nice

  5. 3st

    Does anyone know where i can find the MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Nite Remix)?

  6. goingotherplaces

    Brian, no offence here, but I think the people who actually take time to browse through music blogs to find new tracks aren’t the ones ruining the artists’ income. People who pull everything down from limewire etc. are the ones killing music. Bloggers and blog readers are, at least in my opinion, the people who care about music and are way more likely to support their favorite artists purchasing music, going to concerts and such

  7. Christ

    THANK YOU. That’s it, right or wrong. Thank you.

  8. Jako

    Soulwax remix sounds weak

  9. Peter PleasureCruise

    i agree with mr. savage. leaks like this def hurt the artists and the biz as a whole.
    unfortunately tho – its a reality.

  10. Glenjamn


  11. kspex

    crazy remix of MGMT
    good job!

    k (Trashbags, Aus)

  12. Jose

    I like better the one that says: 2many Djs, here we go!!!!
    I hear it in Amnesia Ibiza Justice session, amazing!

  13. Jako

    So now you all can stop whining about copyrights, chem bros put the remix on their very own myspace blog…

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