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Justice – Live @ Amnesia – Ibiza – 8.2.2008 – BBC Radio 1 Broadcast

Pitchfork x Justice Inteview
Cheers, Not on the Guest List

Justice – Live @ Amnesia – Ibiza – 8.2.2008 – BBC Radio 1 Broadcast

I was getting bored with Justice’s mixes but this is quite refreshing and you can definitely hear them stepping up their DJing/mixing skills. Cheers boys. I can’t wait to get Mr. Oizo’s “Bruce Willis is Dead”. Anyone know what track that is with the Bill Wither’s sample?

Donna Summer – Dim All the Lights
Justice – Waters of Nazareth
Track ID
Party Shank – Penis VS Vagina (Lies In Disguise Remix)
Prodigy – Girls
Track ID
Don Rimini – Let Me Back Up (Crookers Tetsujin Remix)
The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax remix)
Brodinski – Bad Runner
Bill Withers – She wants to (get on down)
Les Petits Pilous – Wake Up
Mr Oizo – Bruce Willis is Dead
Mr Oizo – Flat Beat
20 Fingers – Short Dick Man (Disco Villains Remix)
Alex Gopher – Dust
Justice – Phantom Part 2 (Soulwax Remix)
Gonzales – Working Together (Boys Noize Remix)
Boys Noize – &down (Extended mix)

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  1. Anonymous

    rapidshare is such a pain in the ass

  2. hotbiscuits


  3. Joko


  4. andrea macedo

    hate rapidshare!
    love this set!

  5. wheredidileavemykeys

    god bless rapidshare premium 🙂 honestly the best investment you can ever make!

    and thanks ever so much for the heads-up on this

  6. hotbiscuits

    Dude, they played a track I posted… Like, exclusively on biscuits.

    That Disco Villains track is only available via my blog.

    If thats legit, then thats amazing. Love the blog, sorry for the double comment.

  7. seven33

    The track with the Bill Withers sample is by Voodoo chilli!
    I think it’s still called she wants to.

  8. levels

    the track is by voodoo chilli and its called get down out on cheap thrills rec. availlable on beatport & juno peace!!

  9. T-Atoms

    Just saw them live in Tokyo, front row and i am on a Justice HIGH right now! Downloading this now!

    As for Mr. Oizo, I happened to meet SoMe at an event Monday night, and we started talking about Mr. Oizo (who is coming to Tokyo to DJ in a couple of months) and he was REALLY excited for Oizo’s next album to go out to the public! He couldn’t stop praising it!

  10. vin

    great mix

  11. Anonymous

    could someone pleeese tell me the name of the track which comes in at the same time as bill withers- she wants to get on down about 24mins in HELP!!!

  12. Anonymous

    anyone know the tune justice play disco its ur disco

  13. Anonymous

    HELP!!!! wot is the song that comes in after bill withers- get on down?? please help and dont say wake up- pet pil coz it isnt!

  14. Anonymous

    Awesome mix!!! Say what you want about Justice but they still got the scene by the nuts.

  15. toone

    “Anonymous said…

    anyone know the tune justice play disco its ur disco”

    That is ‘schitzo dancer’.

  16. Tas

    Wanna witness the Justice DJ set at matter? Well tickets are almost sold out!!!
    Joining them – Busy P, DJ Mehdi, So Me, In Flagrani (Live), Mickey Moonlight, the DURRR crew and many more.
    Don’t miss out! Tickets from

  17. Anonymous

    I want to know what that track is at 24″


    Bill Withers – She wants to (get on down)


    Les Petits Pilous – Wake Up

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