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Surkin x Chromeo

Surkin – Chrome Knight (feat. Chromeo)

Interesting Remix, apparently it is an official thing, it is in Surkin’s myspace player right now. It will be released on the Next of Kin (Mark II) EP on Institubes. Long live 90s house.

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  1. patch


  2. ally

    like chromeo. like surkin.

    that was a butchering of white knight… not in agood way

  3. Anonymous

    mstrkrft – bounce (hight powered boys remix) 🙂

  4. Asian Dan

    Any info on that high powered boys remix of bounce?! 🙂

  5. Jako

    Anyone recognized the samples?
    Chromeo is using the same samples on this one as Feadz did in ‘Numanoid’… just take a close listen 😉

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