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Fred Falke’s Annie Mac’s Mashup 5 Minute Minimix

Fred Falke – Annie Mac’s Mash Up 5 Min Minimix

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  1. patch

    This is dope! Was it done on the 11th of July? If so, is it this one here:


  2. Silent K

    Starting out with the theme from ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ then kicking in a beat similar to ‘Human After All’ moving to Les Rhythms Digitales and then The Bag Raiders shifting into Skee Lo and that’s in the first minute!?

    This is a fun listen.

  3. Jeffrey Disaster

    Tracklisting Question.
    at about 2.29 he drops a loop
    of his Whitest boy alive track
    then at 2.43 a little snippet of
    spiral scratch – then the little bit i want to know – at 2.51 / 2.59 – a discoid number – thats only in there for 8 seconds – and i have it somewhere but have forgotten it…
    thanks in advance to anyone who can answer…
    email –

  4. Jeffrey Disaster

    Sorry spinal scratch!

  5. Anonymous

    what’s the name of tune on 58 secs, just after daft punk one more time? any help greatly appreciated!

  6. Malgreque

    Carly Simon – Nobody Does It Better
    Daft Punk – Human after all
    ??- ??
    Daft Punk : One More time
    ??- ??
    Les Rhythmes Digitales – Jack your body
    ??- ?? (Russs Chimes ?)
    Kelis – Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke remix) / Skee-Lo – I Wish
    ?? -??
    Snoop Dog – Cool
    Whitest Boy Alive – Golden cage (fred falke remix)
    Fred Falke – Last Wave / Thomas Bangalter – Spinal Scratch
    ??- ??
    ??- ??
    Boys Noise – Don’t believe the hype (Surkin remix) / Fred Falke – Last Wave

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