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Ladyhawke x Cut Copy

Here is a fantastic Oceania collaboration, Cut Copy remixing Ladyhawke. I am a big fan of Ladyhawke remixes especially the Fred Falke remix and this one is just as good. Thoughts??

Ladyhawke -Paris is Burning (Cut Copy Remix) (yousendit)

Ladyhawke – Paris is Burning (Cut Copy Remix) (zshare)

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  1. Jan L

    Awesome! Hope it’s okey that I post the same song on my blog!? … 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Nice… like this chick alot. She has got that appeal about her and her voice.

  3. Elle.

    love it!

  4. Anonymous

    nothing compares to “Paris s’enflamme”, the French version by Ladyhawke herself!!!!

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