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Justice The Early Years: Microloisir aka Gaspard Auge

Xavier and Gaspard’s latest looks. Look at that hair and ‘stache. He looks like a 70s Asian Moviestar.

A compilation album from 2003 featuring early Justice tracks surfaced in the blogosphere a few weeks ago and the first ever Justice track “Sure You Will” made its way to the public. Apparently it is a track that Justice is not very proud about and they describe it is a tribute to the Buggles. The French band Poney Poney is also featured on this compilation.
Musclorvision – Hits Up To You –

Microloisir is the moniker of Gaspard Auge when he was rolling solo. This is a very interesting track. I wonder if Gaspard is singing.

Mircoloisir – Back in Your Eyes

Once again hats off to Buzz en Direkt for this track.

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  1. patch

    Dan/Buzz en Direkt.. thankyou for “Back In Your Eyes”! been after this track!

  2. elko

    Thanks so much for the ‘Sure You Will’ track. Im sure its the one they brought up in the Annie Mac interview. Effin’ loving this blog! Keep it up. Oh yeah, X should get rid of that the stache pronto lol.

  3. DestroyX

    You’re welcome 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    theres only room enough in justice for one stache

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